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Our Background


Datamatic has been providing Credit Union core processing solutions for over 40 years.  We are located in Lansing Michigan.  Our staff has real Credit Union experience as well as extensive background in networking and technology.   Datamatic maintains a robust virtualized infrastructure that allows us to offer cloud services for core processing to our customers.  Our product is called VIEW and it represents one of the best values in the industry with features that you need and the cost that you can afford.

You’re not a bank and we’re not a huge corporation


Members join your Credit Union because you offer better value and more personalized service than the big bank down the street.  Our customers chose Datamatic for many of the same reasons.  Unlike big core processors, Datamatic is not part of some large multi-company conglomerate.  As a smaller company, we offer the same high value, personalized service you offer to your members.


Just like you know your members, we know our customers.  We work with them every day.  We know who they are and what they do.  We have a level of familiarity that can’t be matched by some anonymous support trainee in a huge call center. 

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